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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Odd Thoughts Du Jour

You know you have lived in da 'hood too long when you are introduced to a girl named, "Alexa" and you mistakenly think that her name is, "Lexus" because you have met other "Lexuses..." (Mea culpa, Alexa!)

You know that you are serious about your diet when you are offered creme brulee at the Four Seasons and you decline...

I am very thankful to: Carol Little for continuing to be such an inspiration with her commitment to working out. Julia Cho and Ed Chung for also being a shining example of how fit ya can be by working out regularly. Susan Matus for letting me in on the secret that she is not, as I mistakenly thought, "naturally thin," and that if she could drop the weight she did after the birth of her adorable son, then I could surely lose the poundage I wanted to! And last, but not least, a big huge thank you to Miss Smeeta (gosh, how do you spell your name!) for sharing the hot tips of eating healthier with me when we working together this past spring! Those 100 calorie packs and the popsicles are the best snacks ever! I haver really learned something from you all!


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