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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Maybe having a blog is not a good thing for someone with OCD...

Telemarketers call me all the time, asking me if I want to get a subscription to a local NY paper. I used to say that I was moving but why should I lie? I told the last guy who called that my therapist has forbidden me from receiving the newspaper because if one comes in the house, I cannot throw it away unless I have read it cover to cover.
The guy said, "Oh, me, too! Do they have you on any meds?"
I answered, "No, I tried doing EMDR talk therapy, but it actually made things worse!"
"You should get on the meds, they really help."
"Hey, thanks!"
Who said New Yorkers aren't nice?

I like to read the dictionary. I am nerdy, hear me type. I wonder why "Wednesday" is spelled the way it is. Who decided that this was the way ya oughta spell this day? A dyslexic lexicographer?

A long time ago, I tried to set my friend, Amy Moon up with another friend of mine. I told her that he met, married and had a baby with his new wife within one year.
She said, "That's okay, he was too nice."
"Too nice? I thought you wanted a nice guy."
"Yeah, but I need sweet and obnoxious."
I inquired, "Sweet and obnoxious? What is that?"
She replied, "Oh, you know, like you."
Thanks, Ames, thanks a lot.


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