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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Maltese Children

I met a nice woman from Malta, the island near Italy. She told me that she moved to New York when she was ten years-old. She recounted the tale of first moving to the States, and her little sister pointed at an African American man and said, "Oh, look, Daddy! That man stayed out in the sun too long!" The guy asked the Dad what the little girl said, and why she was pointing at him. He explained that she had never seen an African American person before, and she thought that he had a very deep tan.

I just heard that Car Max pays pretty well for used vehicles. I wonder if it's good to buy one from them...

There are a whole lotta homeless people in Downtown Los Angeles. I went for a walk, yes, yes, I know, nobody walks in LA, but I did... It was at night, and it ended up being like I was in a real life video game. I kept having to cross the street and dodge and weave to avoid them...


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