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Sunday, August 04, 2013

Kasey Foster's Old Timey Band!

From dancing to/choreographing dances to the music of Mr. Bungle to singing standards with her new band, Old Timey, Kasey Foster does it ALL with great pluck and aplomb! She is no joke, though quirky and hilarious - all at the same time. If you closed your eyes you might have thought a contemporary of Doris Day or Rosemary Clooney had taken the stage. Foster has such good pitch! 

Her band and the guest musicians were also great. It was a fun show that even included trivia questions and gift-wrapped prizes!

The always entertaining, talented Becky Poole sat in with her musical saw and sang. I took the snapshots below with my phone, so it's a little expressionistic, but you get the idea...


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