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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Bilal Dardai's Most Excellent The Sovereign Statement at The Neo-Futurarium in Chicago

I went to see Gwynn V. Fulcher and Clifton Frei who, in my mind, would be reprising their fine performing partnership from The Ladder Projet, in The Sovereign Statement created by Bilal Dardai and directed by Brandon Ray. I was not disappointed. I also learned that Clifton Frei pronounces his last name, "fry" as in what should be done to all potatoes - not "fray" like the band.  The Sovereign Statement was clever and highly entertaining, resplendent with smart dialogue, first-rate performances by the great cast and a full-on song and dance number! Long live NeoFutoria!  I was not crazy about the ending but perhaps, sometimes, the truth is not always so pretty... Now mind you - it was a very good ending, I just wish things could be different - and I'm not so sure I'm just musing about the play right now...


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