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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I have an update on Christine Pechera. She is out of the hospital. She still needs a bone marrow donor. Please consider becoming a bone marrow donor for her if you are Filipino or part Filipino. But also, please sign up if you are a minority of any ethnicity because the need is tremendous and you very well could save someone's life!

The good news from Christine is that her film is screening on Friday!
Here was her e-mail announcement:

Hi all!

The F-word movie I co-produced will be screening in New York this
Friday at
the GenArt Film Festival. This will be its East Coast premiere.
Alas, I am unable to attend but I hope you can make it! I don't
have everyone's e-mail address so please pass it on!

Christine Pechera


In other news, a good friend of mine is in the hospital.
Life really is so unpredictable... If you are the praying
kind, please remember John. I'm praying for a full and
speedy recovery for him...

I am very behind on my reading. Ed Lin told me that I
didn't have to read his book, Waylaid because I did the
most important thing: I bought it.

I just bought Janice Erlbaum's brand spankin' new book,
Girlbomb: A Halfway
Homeless Memoir.
Check out her awesome blog ~

The last poetry book I bought was
Richard Loranger's
Poems for Teeth

I bought Lisa A. Kirschenbaum's book, Small Comrades.
She told me that she agreed with Ed, that buying it was
the most important part...

However: author, Alexander Chee told me that he does not
agree with this theory. He said that I did have to read his
book, Edinburgh and that for him, buying it was not enough.

I can understand that.


Lastly, in answer to the question: can I hear a sound
clip of what you do? The answer is yes, but not here.

Click below instead...

P.S. I may be mentioned in the NY Daliy News tomorrow,
Thurs. 4/6.

Thanks to Heather Robinson, Janet Rosen, Dawn Eden,
and music photographer, Thomas Monaster!


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