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Monday, March 27, 2006

Arctic Monkeys

Mondo thanks to Wendy Ip for including me in her arrangements to see the Arctic Monkeys concert!

Spinto Band opened. I think they get the award for most hair solos in one set, ever. Each band member had Bealtles-esque mops of varying shades of brown hair, and bobbed (sometimes in unison, as if choreographed) -- much like seeing Muppets come to life in the form of real, live, boys... Cute. Oh, and I liked the music, too.

Arctic Monkeys turned in a rock solid show, in spite of the fact that the lead singer seemed ur, uhm -- toasted. My best guess: a combo platter of being drunk and high... Not that I would know anything about anything like that... Bring the ear plugs if ya go see them in the future. These dudes play at full volume/speed ahead! Enjoyed it and managed to even not get knocked over when the slam dancing commenced... All in all, great fun!


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