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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Random Thoughts While Waiting for the Subway

I wonder if the MTA has a suggestion box. If they did, I would write this on an index card :

Please consider lining the subway tracks with urinal cakes since people
seem to be using the tracks for this purpose.

Your pal,

And place it in the box.

I am still not sure how I managed to spend a bajillion dollars at the new Trader Joe's, 142 E. 14th St. off Third Ave. in Manhattan, but I did. I bought cheese, chocolate, juice, unsalted butter, some cookies... Eating everyday is daunting...

I have to make sure not to go in there again when I am famished...

I've been cursing the cold. Scott asked me how it was outside today. I said it didn't seem so bad, but then again, I do wear a down blanket that pretends to be a coat.

I spoke with Christine Pechera last night and tonight. Please check out her website:

Some words that come to mind when thinking of her:

amazing, adorable, eloquent, beautiful, brave, talented, kind, fierce, sweet as pie, diplomatic, bright like the sun...

Here's a link for more info on Christine:

Come on y'all -- please help spread the word that Christine needs to find a Filipino or part
Filipino bone marrow donor! Or if you happen to be Filipino or part Filipino, please call:
1-800-Marrow2 to find out where to register near you!


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