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Friday, September 29, 2006

friendship with christine

i just read a very eloquent mass e-mail message from christine pechera.

she is recovering from her bone marrow transplant. i spoke with the her on the phone two nights ago. she sounded great, but it's still not certain if everything will be okay.

i think what amazes me most is how she sparkles with such sweetness, humor and grace-- even though she is still weak. she is a force of nature!

i keep thinking that i need to appreciate each blessed day here more than i do... i am so grateful to have met christine. she is such a wonderful friend!

my former boss, sweet erec lindberg told me to read the book, friendship with god. i went to the bookstore to find it. i was unable to locate it in the religion, self-help, or new age sections. i asked the clerk to look it up for me. he said, "i'll show you where it is." he walked me over to the fiction section, and sure enough there it was.

only in ny would one find such snarky and sacrilegious shelving...


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