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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Got a cold?

Florence's health tip o' the day:

I sneezed a couple of times yesterday morning. I immediately went out and bought some AIRBORNE and ZICAM nasal gel. Gargantuan thanks to: Carol Little and Sue Jean Kim for telling me to try this combo platter! It really staves off colds! (I've tried some of the other zicam products -- but the nasal gel seems to work the best, odd as it may seem!) Stay healthy everyone!


Anonymous Thomas Kowa said...

Florence: Just happened to stumble into your interesting site, looking for a friend's blog about what I understood to be a recurring role (as Polly) on Las Vegas, the TV show. Is that YOU?? I thought it was Suzanne Whang, from L.A. Anyway, I also thought I saw that you had performed at La Jolla Playhouse at some point. I'm in San Diego and a music fanatic (listen/appreciate everything, as long as it's well put together) -- do you play around here at all? Regards,

Thom K

5:39 PM  

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