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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Walk The Mountain with Jude Narita

Hey Everybody!

Catch Jude Narita's smart and moving show in NYC...

Jude Narita's one-woman play Walk The Mountain powerfully affirms the dignity, humanity and spirit of the Vietnamese and Cambodian people while examining the lingering effects of the Vietnam war, (or as it's called in Vietnam-the American War) on the people in those countries.

It examines the legacy of misinformation that exists in the United States about that war, and thru it we can begin to see how history is distorted by the media and actually re-written by Hollywood movies. The humanity affected by U.S. bombing is kept from us. We may know some of the statistics, but they have no faces. In war the enemy is purposely kept faceless. Without family. Portrayed as less than human. Having less feelings than us. Thus making it easier to kill them. This is a crucial and essential element of war, and can be felt and see to this day.

In Walk The Mountain, we meet some of the "faceless enemy". Among them are a doctor working in the jungle hospitals, a freedom fighter imprisoned in a tiger cage, a mother searching for her sons, and an immigrant in America who dreams of flying. Narita takes you into their lives-their joys and sorrows, their courage, and their dreams for the future. Similarities to the American wars today are unintentional, but unavoidable.
Directed by Darling Narita.

Performance Schedule
Tuesday - Saturday 8pm
Sunday 5pm
Pay-what-you-can performances on Tuesdays, Novemeber 14, 21, and 28. (Ticket available at Theater Box Office at 212-254-1109.)

For more information about Jude Narita, visit:

Presented by Theater For The New City, Crystal Field Executive Director in association with Cobi Narita & the Jazz Center of New York, and Paul Ash & Sam Ash Music Stores.


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