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Sunday, October 16, 2005

I'm a Loser, Baby...

I never did make it to Los Angeles this weekend. Wooly mammoth thanks to all who had suggestions on cheap tickets to LA! Alas, I did not have enough pennies saved to make it to Julia's bridal shower. Mea culpa, Julia, Ed! Gigantor thanks to playwright, Susan Johnston for the heads up on the surprise shower! Wish I could have made it...

I sent Julia a wooden rolling pin, so she could keep Ed in line with it. You know, like in the cartoons.

Saw old pal, Leah Foulke in Please Stop Talking by Sam Forman at the Cherry Lane Theater last night. Enjoyed it a lot. I think Leah has a new name, Leah Lawrence. Check her out at ~ She and the cast sang a song near the end. Loved the unison singing and the close harmonies. I'm not sure I understand Leah's name change -- maybe it's a Prince kinda thing and there's a story. I should really ask Leah next time I see her. I thought there were some terrific moments in the show - strong writing and original ideas. I especially liked the mulit-media opening. Leah rocked and the whole cast was great.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, Florence. And about the name change... Lawrence is my middle name that I decided to use as my stage name 'cause Foulke became my maiden name and Henzler became my married name and I just thought, Lawrence- that's it. It's not some big identity thing, just Leah Lawrence felt right at the end of the day.

11:08 AM  
Blogger Florence Yoo said...

Ah, thanks for the clarification Leah! Good to know that there was no litigation involved. Rock on!

12:45 AM  

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