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Monday, February 06, 2006

Wendy Ip ~ Girl Genius

I was telling Wendy Ip the tale of how I got into a nasty, screaming match on the street with this woman and her mangy mutt. The upshot of it was that this woman did not believe that I really was walking toward the payphone to make a call. She thought I was lying, when I was not. I told Wendy that I am eccentric, and that I do not really use a cellular phone. She observed, "Florence , do you realize that whenever you say that you are 'eccentric', it always has something to do with you not spending money? Maybe you can just replace 'eccentric' with
'cheap ass'." I laughed so hard when Wendy told me this, I almost fell down. I did not know that 'eccentric' was my euphemism for 'cheap ass.' Wendy explained that she likes to find patterns in things. Touche... Check out

Carol's comment on this was: actually, it oughta be 'broke ass' because you aren't cheap, and there's a difference...

However; when this all transpired, Wendy did make it clear that I was usually eccentric only with myself, not with others...

I started taking aspirin for my aches and pains. I went onto Tylenol, then Extra Strength Tylenol and now I am taking Advil. Jacqueline at work gave me a Motrin. It was stronger. Corinna told me I really oughta try Aleve. Where will this end?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It will end with liver disease. NSAID's (painkillers) are very dangerous when taken for long periods of time. You should consult a naturopath to find out what the cause of your pain is.

1:20 PM  

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