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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I told a chef at work that I was gonna stop by the Fairway after work. She said, "Ah, the greatest grocery store on earth!" I've always liked Fairway, but now I feel better about my judgment if a chef thinks that it's good, too.

I was putting some stuff away in a locked closet with my boss, Jean. She lamented that the guy who had a knack with the door was not around. I was perplexed by this. She explained that she did not have the key -- so she normally has this guy jimmy it open with a knife, which she did have. She tried, but didn't have much luck. I confessed that I have never been able to jimmy anything open. Johnny happened to be passing by and she asked him if he could open the door. He told us that he didn't have the key. She told him that we had a knife, and could he please try to "unlock" it for us. In a heartbeat, he had the door open for us. He looked up at us -- since he was bent over the doorknob/lock, grinned and said, "It's because I'm Spanish..." We laughed. Jean (who is African American) looked down at me (literally, since I'm so bloody short) and dead panned, "He said it, we didn't."


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