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Thursday, May 11, 2006

All Liquored Up and Nowhere to Go

Okay, so I'm not really liquored up. But it sure feels that way; i.e., if you were to ask me who i'd like to get with in fantasy land, i would tell you in this inebriated state... i have spring (hay) fever and i am on a cocktail of benedryl and sudafed to function. not as fun as it may sound, i'm afraid.

random thoughts about the peach state: the georgians were as sweet as pie. au rendez vous and mary mac's tearoom served up my favorite eats on the trip.

make sure to leave room for the excellent crepes for dessert at au rendez vous! the greens, mac and cheese and fried green tomatoes at mary mac's were off da hook!

i met a nice woman named, carmen who told me about her nephew, a little boy of undetermined age. (she probably told me, but who knows what she said exactly. i can't be held responsible for what i can or cannot recall while under the influence of these allergy meds...)

carmen told me that this kid was eating eggs and another little boy from another table came over and picked up a handful of the eggs and walked away. The nephew pushed himself from the table, found the boy and slapped the eggs out of his tiny, guilty hand. In addition, the nephew hit the little boy in the back of the head, went back to his place at the table and continued eating without saying a word.

i was on a bus in georgia and the guy in back of me kept pushing my seat up. every time he pushed, i pushed back. after a little while, i got up and took another seat.

it now occurs to me that i should have just walked back to the guy and hit him on the back of the head. i'm a little remedial sometimes; but again, i blame the drugs...


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