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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Calling All Filipinos and Part Filipino Folks!

Sweet, compassionate, talented, hilarious Christine Pechera needs a bone marrow donor now.

I spoke with her a couple of days ago and she sounded amazing, as per usual. She has the best attitude ever. (Along with my sweet, wonderful friend and boss, John Light!)

Here is the latest message from her... (Please help spread the word to any and all Filipino friends and family that ya might have!)

As of today, WE STILL HAVE NOT FOUND A MATCH. The good news, however, is that you no longer have to travel to a marrow drive or give a blood sample to test your HLA-marrow typing. Now all it takes is a simple mouth swab! Just e-mail or call City of Hope at 1-800-535-7119, ext. 63262 and tell them you would like to have a mouth swab kit mailed to you. Don't forget to include your mailing address. Or you can click on the "Free Self-Test Kits" link on this website. Order a bunch for your friends and family! It's FREE! A little bit of your time and a commitment to donate can save someone's life!How it works: An envelope will arrive at your door. All you have to do is fill in the contact information and application, wipe the inside of your cheeks with the four swabs provided (at least one hour after eating or drinking), place the swabs back in the envelope and drop it into the mailbox (back to City of Hope). Again, it will cost you NOTHING... even the postage is paid. By registering with the National Marrow Donor Program, not only will you have the chance to save my life,you may be able to save the life of another patient waiting for the miracle of a matched bone marrow donor. If you are found to be someone's life-saving match, you can be the light of hope to a suffering family where there was once darkness.My brother met a young Filipina, a light of hope, in New York City, who had a "Swabbing Party" last weekend. After ordering a box of mouth swabs from City of Hope, she invited all her friends and family to her home for a potluck. As party-goers came through the door, she swabbed their mouths. She said it was a lot of fun with lots of giggling, and everyone feltgreat to be able to do a little bit of good for the future.And some great news- A friend of mine who signed up for me but was not my match, was contacted when she was found to be a match for another patient! She never thought she would ever donate marrow. But now she is excited to have the chance to save someone's life! All we know is that he is a middle-aged man. My guess is that his wife and children are thankful too.I also had the pleasure today of meeting Jeremy, who donated his marrow a year ago to a 2-year old girl with leukemia. Talking about donating marrow, Jeremy said "It wasn't bad at all. I'd definitely do it again." The little patient is now a little toddler and her parent's are eternally grateful for the gift that Jeremy has given them.I don't have much time left to find my miracle match before it is too late. Please, please spread the word to our extended Filipino and Asian-American Family. My family has exhausted all their efforts and now we need the help of the community to make a difference.Much love,Christine


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