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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Christine Pechera Update

Christine Pechera is alive and well! It's a miracle. A true blue spectacle, a miracle come true!

If you have a mind to make a donation to her foundation, please do.

I am certain the price tag for a bone marrow transplant, hospital care and all that stuff was hefty, to say the least.

I spoke with Christine on the phone last night. She sounded terrific. I asked her how she was.
She said, "It's like being homemade pasta." "Huh?" I repsonded. "When you make pasta, you start with this ball of dough -- that was me. And then you pull the dough through the machine and you get rigatoni. And you don't quite know what happened to you..."

God bless you and that big, beautiful world that awaits your next move, Christine!


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