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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Peoples Improv Theater Tonight @ 8PM in NYC!

Business first, ramblings later...

Monolithic thanks to Jen Nails,
Alex Zalben

the PIT, and Joanna Parson !

From talented Tim Ellis... [who seems to me to be what Andy Rooney's rebellious son might be like...]



with Tim Ellis & Florence Yoo

Tuesday, November 29, 8 pm

@ The Peoples Improv Theater

154 W. 29th Street, 2nd floor




About Tim’s show…

An Inquiry Into Human Understanding:
The Meditations, Confessions, Ethics, Metaphysics,
and Poetics of Tim Ellis

Actor-writer-comedian Tim Ellis ponders the big questions while sweating the small stuff. What is Truth? What is Beauty? Why has Wendy's changed its chicken sandwich? A collection of hilarious discourses -- delivered with deadpan intensity -- on such topics as breakfast, pets, lottery numbers, outer space, and the female anatomy. “An elevation of comic consciousness…” -- Friedrich Nietzsche

About Florence’s show…

Florence Yoo is a singer/songwriter/wisenheimer. Her mom has commented, "I see suffering in NY has been good for you." INDELIBLE is Florence's show about this fact. Songs, jokes, complaints and praise about all of the indelible impressions NY has made on her... Special guest musician may be Mr. Vong Pak, drummer extraordinaire...

more info ~


The show this past Saturday night at Eric Vetter's
No Name... and a Bag O' Chips was so much fun, I am still recovering! It was great to see Eric do his new, laugh provoking set!

Beloved Intern Barry
was his funny Barry self.

It was good to meet Shani! She told me her name means, "beautiful" in Hebrew or Yiddish... It was so late, my brain was only on half speed...

Joe Dixon
and Michelle Buteau did their bad ass stand-up thing they do... Watch out for Michelle next month on Comedy Central's
Premium Blend!

Lee Alan
t worked his magic -- literally and figuratively, and
Annette Guarrasi performed an entertaining excerpt from her solo performance about being a beauty queen of sorts...

X-Large thanks to Eric Vetter, Barry, Shani, and all who were kind enough to come by and partake in the late night madness!


fresh website catch of the day...

Deborah S. Craig rockin' Broadway so hard...


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