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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Arizona is Beautiful

Can you say mountains, cactus, sunny days and sunsets ? Still exhausted out of my mind, but whatever. Ran into an acquaintance, Christine. She introduced me to her little girl, Milan. I said, "My name is Florence. We're both cities in Italy." She shot back, "What?" Note to self: cardinal rule of comedy ~ know your audience... Perhaps if Milan had been an urban kid, she might have said, "What? What?"

The sun has made me think, what if I looked on the bright side of things? Like, so what if I have OCD. At least there is a real explantation for why I am so hypermonogamous. When I like someone or even any thing, I just focus on that one thing. I can't help it... For better or worse... Heaven help me, no really God, I'm begging here...


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