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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Alexander Graham Bell and Me

Wendy Ip rushed into the lobby and asked if my phone was working and if I got her messages. She asked if it was ringing. She whipped out her cell phone, flipped it open and dialed my number to do a test. She asked me why my phone wasn't ringing, because she couldn't hear anything. I replied, "I bet it is ringing in Brooklyn." She realized that she had been calling my home phone number. I added that even if she had called my cell phone, that, too, would be ringing in Brooklyn, because it was in my kitchen. She looked at me as if I were mad. I explained that I am eccentric and I don't really have a cell phone that I use.

Indigo Som tells me it's my "imaginary cell phone."

Speaking of phone matters, I had been playing phone tag with dear friend, Dave Budrys in Chicago. I called, he took a few days to call back. A little bit after that I called again, left another message and he, again, took a few days to call back. He apologized. I told him to not worry because I, myself, have been known to be tardy in returning phone calls. He explained that being tardy once
was excusable, but it being twice in a row, well, that just made him re-tardy. I burst out laughing and I asked if I could write about this exchange here on the blog. Dave said that he, in no way, wanted to offend anyone who is developmentally disabled but also, that he would be willing to take the hit, in the name of comedy...


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