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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Calling Dr. Florence...

Last night I was waiting in line to see the new play, Ban Republican Marriage by David Reve. A woman in front of me noticed she had a cut on her hand. It was bleeding. I offered her a band-aid and a moist wipe. Her daughter asked me, "Are you a doctor?" I answered, "No, I'm neurotic."

Speaking of such matters, I sent out a mass e-mail message with type-os in it. Why am I so worthless and weak? I shoulda checked it before I pulled the trigger... Ack! Next time...

Ban Republican Marriage made me think a few things: there are a darn lot of good actors in New York, including the playwright himself, David Watkins, who played the president; this piece seems to be a cousin of last year's production of I'm Gonna Kill The President by Hieronymous Bang at P.S. 122; well-writtten, this work seems to take its inspiration from the Marx Brothers and Shakespeare... The reporters were played by Gilda Konrad and Janet Rosen who headed up the stellar bonus round of stand-up comedy immediately after the play!

Caught Joe McGinty's excellent Losers Lounge Tribute to Roxy Music at Joe's Pub. Our pal, Wendy Ip was joking about her uncle and singing the hell out of, appropriatley enough, Dance Away, which she indeed, did! Royce Peterson, in rock star regalia -- a red velvet smoking jacket, ala Hugh Hefner, and a cut off gold lame and black tie sang a great rendition of More Than This. Julia Greenberg was pitch perfect. Joe McGinty was awesome as the maestro/mc/and as a singer himself! I gotta say -- I was truly impressed by all of the performers, and at times, even the drummer was makin' those skins sing!

On a totally unrelated matter, is it just me, or is Tim Kang an Asian American version of Jeremy Piven...? And is it just me, or isn't Tim Kang hilarious in that Dunkin' Donuts commercial with the white dude with the corn rows?


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