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Monday, June 12, 2006

I Feel The Earth Move...

Under me as I trundle along in the back seat of a golf cart. It's a sunny Sunday and the sky, as Richard Loranger might write, "was warm and blue." The chick driving asks me if I will be alright back there. "Yes, as long as there's no speeding involved,"I reply. The golf cart does a max of 20 mph, but over hill and dale, this ends up feeling like warp speed... I add, "This reminds me of when I am in a car with my dear friend/boss, John and his beautiful wife, Fati. She drives like an Italian race car driver, very fast and accurately." The woman driving quips, "When I was in Rome, I had a similar experience: The cabbie was driving extremely fast, but it turned out he really was a former Italian race car driver."


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