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Monday, October 31, 2005

Lone Vein Rules!

I am running late. I wrote that I would give the full report on the Unveiling the Butterfly Benefit show from last Thursday over the weekend, but it's looking like I lied... Mea culpa!

Please check back here for that in the next day or so!

I didn't realize that starting a blog meant that I was giving myself homework...

For now, I think all I can do is review last night's Lone Vein show at the Sidewalk Cafe in the East Village, NY.

I met up with Vong Pak and his crew and Autumn Burgess to catch Lone Vein's Halloween Party.

The set they played rocked incredibly hard! Plain Jane (Angela) on lead vocals did a stellar job of helming the show. Eddy Jo Martinez' virtuosic, melodic and artful lead guitar playing complemented Plain Jane's outstanding singing. Bass Dr. Mary and drummer, Johnnie Spina made up the excellent rhythm section.

It was one of the best sets I've seen in NYC. No joke.

After the show, I told Angela that they needed to play bigger venues so I could dance. (I love to dance!) She said, "Yeah, 'cause if you tried to dance at the Sidewalk it would have to just be at your table." I replied, "Yeah, and then that would be an entirely different kind of show altogether..."

Can I say we LOVE Vong Pak? His ebullient response to the band, and his effusiveness in telling them how much he liked the show, made me smile... What a sweet and genuine guy. He noted that his dear wife, Chris would have loved the band because she loves rock and roll!

(She couldn't make it, but maybe next time!)

It was good to see Autumn, as always. What a great time of year, and person!

For more info on Lone Vein, please visit...


Blogger Stuart Shea said...

Yes, blogging is the 21st-century school-leavers' version of homework, sad to say. But those few minutes of vision into your soul that both writer and reader get is worth it, IMO...

3:52 PM  
Blogger Florence Yoo said...

you, know, mr. shea, i think i concur...

8:10 PM  

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