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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Lunching Poetic

I woke up so exhausted, after I showered, I sprayed myself in the face with my perfume, like a bad attempt at comedy in an indie movie. I then proceeded to grab my chapstick, which is the exact same size as my concealer, and slathered it on my lips. Now, I am so tired, I don't know if Sue Jean Kim made this remark, or Susan Nelmida, but anyway, one of them said, "Oh, it actually looks mod -- like you're intentionally wearing a light shade of lipstick." It turned out that I had used my concealer instead of the chapstick on my lips. Great, just great.

I had lunch with the poetic word purveyors today: Richard Loranger and Regie Cabico. I thought a couple of things -- make sure to bring my portable dictionary/thesaurus next time, and for some reason, especially when Regie showed up, the conversation was thoroughly rated X. Highly entertaining and delightful, but I'm not sure what I can write about it here...


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