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Friday, October 28, 2005


Monumental thanks to all who came by the smokin' hot show tonight! Sweet Jesus! Oh, what a night! Huge thanks to Craig Baldwin, Joy Dietrich, Diana Lee for the invitation! MONDO thanks to Eddy Martinez of Lone Vein for his fine lead guitar playing! Please come by his show this Sunday, Oct. 30th @ 8 PM at the Sidewalk Cafe, Ave. A/6th St. in the East Village in Manhattan! Admission is freeeee! Super sized thanks to Richie Baxt of Richie's Guitar Shop, East Village, NY for his invaluable assistance and kindness!

Too, too much happened at the show to write about at this late hour. Will have to make the full report this weekend...

But for now, I do have a comment. (Of course.)

Why do I love the fact that Wendy Ip
made fun of my CD/MP3 player? What is wrong with me? Oh, yeah, right, my mom and my dad... Anyway, she said it was huge, that people haven't carried around anything that big in 5 years. I told her I was monetarily challenged.

It reminds me of the time when Esther Chae made fun of my hand phone. She said she had the same cell phone 10 years ago. (We heart Esther Chae.) Well, according to Wendy, now I'm only 5 years behind...

I love the White Castle.

I was in line, waiting to order. The picture of the honey chipotle chicken sandwich looked yummy.
I asked the two women in front of me if they had tried that sandwich.
The first woman said, "Yes, but I didn't like it. The barbeque sauce was too sweet."
The second woman said, "Oh, I liked it. It was really good!" Now, how was this supposed to help me?

I saw a story on the news about a company called Life Gems. They take 8 ounces of the cremated remains of a loved one or beloved pet and turn it into a "diamond" in 6 months that they turn into jewelry you can then wear. Talk about not letting go...


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