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Saturday, October 29, 2005


I have this fantasy in my head that I send out words here on the blog and in my newsletter and that maybe no one but me reads them. Apparently, I am mistaken.

I wrote about gifted and hilarious -- I mean, we are talking, I fall out of my chair laughing whenever I run into Aurorae Khoo, (playwright/screenwriter) in my last newsletter. I was shocked that she wrote me a very nice e-mail message back the next day!

I hadn't exactly meant what I wrote to get back to her, but there are a lot of playwrights on my e-mailing list, and I reckon, being the diligent writers that they are, they were in front of their dusty screens, typing away, and one of 'em saw fit to forward what I wrote onto Aurorae...

It's a good thing I would never hurt a flea, that my intentions are to never, ever harm
anyone or anything because I never, ever get away with anything, ever...

Later, I was thinking about how Aurorae had told me that she doesn't do sitcoms. But I know that she worked on Walker Texas Ranger. Doesn't that count?


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