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Monday, March 31, 2014

Chicago's Od SOL Circus! ART MUSIC. An excellent Commedia CLOWN named, Noel Williams FACE PAINTING by Alma and MORE! Loved it

Thursday, March 20, 2014

iCoffee + iCup = Best Coffee Machines Ever!

If you love delicious, impossibly smooth, bitter-free, French Pressed-style coffee - you will LOVE genius inventor,
Bruce Burrows' remarkable, new iCoffee/iCup coffeemakers!  There is nothing else like it - but it's a simple solution to an age-old problem. How can a person have a French Pressed-type of coffee without the manual plunging, waiting, and mess? Burrows came up with his patented rotational steam brew technology! This means that the coarse/medium coffee grinds are first steamed open and then alternately stirred/rotated for a cycle of sixteen times - as if they were swirling around in a French Press carafe. The iCoffee machine can make up to twelve cups of coffee; and the iCup will work with all Keurig/K-Cup equivalent/interactive 2.0 Keurig cups that are just coming to market. Honestly, the best cup of coffee I've had all year!

Monday, March 10, 2014

The Speedbumps Hit Chicago's Elbo Room!

Fantastic show! Great musicans/vocals by Erik; and Abby on backing vox. Make sure to check them out at SXSW this week! I promise, if you like melodic rock 'n' roll - you will not be disappointed! Special thanks to Laurie Hartung and
Kevin Martinez for the kind invitation to see this incredible band!

Abby Rose Opening for The Speedbumps at The Elbo Room in Chicago!  Nice surprise set! Check out Abby and The Speedbumps in Austin, TX this week!

The Language Archive of Julia Cho Succinctly Says It All...

Polly Noonan's deftly directed production of Julia Cho's smart relationship drama is perhaps not as edgy as some of Cho's earlier works - but it reflects a more mature view of the world and how humans love. The very definition is examined in a poignant moment when Alta, played nicely by Caron Buinis explained how in her language, the word love simply means, "Don't leave me." This beautiful rendition featured strong performances by the well-cast actors: Paul Fagan, Abigail Boucher, Emily Tate, Torrey Hanson and the aforementioned, Buinis. Check out this excellent, world-class play at The Piven Theatre Workshop before the run ends March 23rd, 2014. Special thanks to Ms. Cho, Leslie Brown, Antora DeLong and the extraordinary Polly Noonan for their kind hospitality!

Wednesday, March 05, 2014



Thursday, January 23, 2014


How I Jack Master Funked the Sugar in My Kneecaps was smartly staged by director, 
Marsha Estell and written/performed with just the right amount of exuberance, charm and poignancy by the  multitalented Penelope Walker. Looking forward to the sequel, for sure! 
More info about Ms. Walker:

Chili and Arty at the Dandelion Gallery

Breaking News About The Dandelion Gallery from The WALL STREET JOURNAL..

I saw some of the stapling art at the Dandelion Gallery as the chili contest was going on.  I got to see more of Amy Lynn Ross' cool paintings.

I got to meet one of the co-founders of the gallery, Michelle Miscenic-Patch.

I told artist, Robert (friendly, tall, white dude) that I don't really like staples, but I liked the art he was working on a lot. I will have to go back and see his finished product. What I saw was very Leonardo-y.
Long hwa-shu of The News Sun spoke with Laurie and me. Thanks for including us!
I also met painter, Katrina Davis-Salazar. I liked her paintings that I saw before at the Art in a Garage exhibit/sale; and this time, seeing more of her work in a fancier settings was no exception.