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Friday, May 11, 2007

John Light Memorial Fund

John Light was such a great guy. If you have a mind to make a donation, please do!

This was from his awesome and beautiful wife, Fati Light:

I am very sorry to inform those of you who do not know
yet that John has passed away on April 3rd due to his
health condition. For the last three years John was
affected by cancer and unfortunately in the past few
months the illness had the best of him. I apologies
for not having informed sooner all those who knew him
but things have been extremely hectic since. This is a
tragedy that has deeply affected all of us who knew
him. There are no words to make this better, there is
no reason for what happened; but know that he fought
with courage and hope all the way until the end. He
never lost his wonderful spirit, love and passion for
what he believed in. The way he fought cancer was an
example to many people, the way he lived with cancer
was extraordinary... he was a very, very special
person. His life will always be an inspiration to all
of us and his passing has already changed so many of
us forever.

With much affection,

Some of you have asked about making a symbolic
contribution in lieu of flowers. In tribute to John,
our family has created a special fund at CancerCare –
The John Light Memorial Fund of CancerCare.
CancerCare, a non-profit organization, has proven to
be an invaluable support to our family over the past 4
years. They came to our aid with financial support to
cover non-insurable expenses during John's fight with
Hodgkin’s. They then came back to our aid this past
year providing free counseling & therapy when the
fight began to take an emotional toll. Additionally,
their supportive services helped us search for
potential treatment options to fight the colon cancer.
John was a fighter and CancerCare gave him and us
needed support during his fight.

In his honor and memory we are asking our family and
friends to support his special fund. This fund not
only allows us to remember and acknowledge John's
spirit, but it also allows others to benefit from
CancerCare’s programs and services.

In their own words: "CancerCare is dedicated to
helping people face the many challenges of a cancer
diagnosis. As the largest national non-profit
organization of its kind, CancerCare provides free
professional support services including counseling,
education, financial assistance and practical help to
hundreds of thousands of people across the country.
All services are provided free of charge."

When making your gift in memory of John, please make
checks out to “Cancer Care, Inc.” and in the memo line
please write “John Light Memorial Fund”. The mailing
address is below. You can also visit the CancerCare
website – – to make a contribution
online. Please be sure to indicate that your gift is
in memory of John Light. Lastly, you may also make a
donation by calling CancerCare directly. Kristin
Kilbourne can take your contribution over the phone.
Her number is 212-712-8325. (Also, please note that
while CancerCare informs us of the names of people who
donate, the amount of your contribution is always kept

Address for mailed donations:
Cancer Care
National Office
275 7th Avenue
New York, New York 10001

We really appreciate your help ensuring John’s fund
will make a difference in the lives of so many people
who are fighting cancer. John would be pleased to see
his memory and spirit remembered in such a meaningful

And thanks also to those of you who have already given
financial support, your time and effort, your
presence, or flowers.

The Light Family

P.S. This e-mail will not reach all that knew and
loved John. We kindly ask that you share this
information with anyone that we have not included.