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Monday, March 16, 2009

The Temper Twins - Take a Hop, Skip and Jump Away

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cynthia Lloyd's Obama Dresses at Three Walls Gallery Chicago IL  

I went to Three Walls Gallery near Downtown Chicago to see artist/singer/songwriter, Cynthia Lloyd's Obama dresses in person.  They were part of a Do-It-Yourself political wearable art show called, Dispatch.  Ms. Lloyd's creations were, as always, beautiful.   The gallery was galleryish (white walls, the three exhibitions displayed separately in the three rooms) except for the swing made from an actual tree, near the entrance.  The most excellent Dana Daniels (pictured above)  accompanied me on this visit and we were allowed to swing (it was a two-seater) for as long as we liked.  AWESOME!   Oh, and the art and the programs and residencies they offer seemed super awesome, too...  Extra special thanks to:  Rachel Wakeman at Three Walls for her kind hospitality, driving directions on the phone and for all of the great information about what an exciting gallery Three Walls is!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Don't Know Lisa Hannigan

But I sure did like seeing her live at Martyrs' in Chicago, IL.  This is being posted ridiculously late, but mom always said:  Better late than never...

If Richard Thompson were a girl...  If Bjork/Feist/Cat Power had a love child...  These were the random thoughts I had as I witnessed Lisa Hannigan and her fine band slalom through their set list as effortlessly as Shaun White flies through the air on his snowboard...  Hannigan's vocals were as clear as a bell with a confident and winning delivery that made for a magical performance that sounded better than the recordings.  

My favorite number of the night was I Don't Know which felt like a ride down the 405 on a balmy summer night in my old convertible...

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I Don't Know by Lisa Hannigan