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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Second City's Improv Extravaganza Explosion! at Up Comedy Club was Da Bomb! KA-BOOM!

I LOVED THIS SHOW!  And your kids will, too!  The talented Ms. Becky Poole does a terrific and hilarious job, as per usual. Some young fans and parents might recognize her from her multi-tasked turn as the singing, joking, dancing mouse in Chicago Children's Theatre's excellent production of Goodnight Moon or from a multitude of New York City comedy clubs as half of the comedy duo, Becky and Noelle and as a member of sketch group, MEAT. If you are in the Boston Area, catch the prodigious Ms. Poole in Sean Graney's entertaining, energetic reimagining of Pirates of Penzance

I am also a new fan of her very funny castmates, Hans Holsen (Ticonderoga pencil joke! Ha!), Katie Klein, Scott Morehead and Nate Sherman as the speedy tomato!  This was one of the best kids shows I have ever seen. Fun for everyone!

Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art

Awesome artist/musician, Donna Keiko Ozawa was visiting Chicago and we went and saw some great ART!

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Yanni in Chicago!

My dear, kind, virtuoso cellist/composer friend, Sarah O'Brien was in town with the great Yanni!  I did not catch her name, but thanks so very much to the official Yanni photographer for sending this memorable backstage picture to Sarah, who then sent it to me!

Sarah and my Mom
phone camera shot of the concert

Florence, Yanni and  Mom Backstage

´╗┐My mom had some thoughts about the show:  Yanni is such a smart composer!  His music is an amalgamation of classical and modern;  therefore, making it universal.  He conveyed the full range of emotions.  It was philosophical.  The musicians were all so highly skilled and Yanni conducted them so well!  He makes people happy with his music!  How nice it is that your beautiful friend, Sarah plays the cello!  It's the sound of our souls...