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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pasche's Seafood Kitchen in Battle Creek, Michigan   Crawfish lunch special. It was a very tasty meal!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Song O' The Day  Your bro had some pretty high praise for you. I can see/hear that he was not foolin' around...  Rock on,!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Chicago Awesome Foundation at The Next Door Cafe!

I came, I saw, I ate, I voted!  I liked it that one of the winners was wearing a head camera.  Congratulations!  I really liked it that the Lucky Pierre dude gave a shout out to The Librarian Trio. I LOVE artsists!  What heart!  I also wondered if they knew about Dani Bryant's fabulous show, Last Meal Man -- since it seemed to me that they were working from the same source material.  [The last meals of inmates on Death Row in Texas.]  I actually liked all of the presentations. They all seemed worthy!
And all night long, the DJ in my head kept playing, Thrift Shop... This night was AWESOME!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Sushi Cafe in Novi, MI

I was working in Michigan a little while ago.  I never knew how much I loved RICE until I didn't have it for days and days.  I ate this meal as the hilarious Kate Rigg/Slanty Eyed Mama's song, Rice Rice Baby played in my head... THANK YOU, SUSHI CAFE for ending my rice drought! Yum!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

ALL RISE | Walkabout Theater Company

I'm not sure how to best describe Emma Stanton and her fine collaborators' show...  It was definitely experimental and interesting. I liked Errol McLendon as the walking narrator a lot. The live music/singing sounded terrific in the chapel. I keep thinking of poets I adore - like the amazing Janice Erlbaum, aka Girlbomb and sweet, wonderful Richard Loranger  I attended ALL RISE specifically to see Dani Bryant's piece, Diets Are A Girl's Best Friend. Gwynn Fulcher and her fellow dieters did a great job. It was ambiguous, which can be tricky - but given the subject matter, this made so much sense.  Bryant is consistent -- serious, smart and thoughtful with a wicked sense of humor.  No wonder I am reminded of Richard and Janice...  Check out what Ms. Bryant is up to next...

The Hypocrites' THE MIKADO in Chicago

I saw this show with singer/sign languager, Leah Aboav in January 2013. (We are in the picture with the always spectacular Ms. Becky Poole - who appears to be growing out of Leah's shoulder. Is it weird that I like this photo?) The fine cast included the great Emily Casey in the lead role/s and Poole's multi-talented Eileen bandmate, Christine Sean Graney and Kevin O'Donnell's The Mikado was as fresh and as lively as theater gets...  I really do wonder what Gilbert and Sullivan would think - but as for me, can't wait to see what's next... 

Sunday, April 07, 2013


I took these snapshots before the show.  (The nice big one of the cast was stolen from the internet.) There was a live piano player who was very good and a spare but perfect set.  I even liked the lighting - the bare bulbs were inspired. Director Sean Kelly has done another remarkable job creating a fresh world on a stage in what looked like a rec room.  But as soon as the lights went down, it was magical...  Evan Linder's beautiful script was well-acted and sung by the talented and attractive cast.  Or in other words:  KELLY BEAR LINDER CAST CREW GREAT HAPPINESS! Party on, boys... For more info, please click:
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