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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Data Recovery

My supersmart friend, Dave Budrys told me that I might have luck in retrieving data from my ailing laptop by utilizing the help of this site:

Just posting this because no one else seems to know about this option!

Monday, June 26, 2006


I am at the Apple Store. The nice Mac Genius, Shane just told me that there is data that is backed up and data that is lost. Alas, I fall into the latter category. Backing up stuff is going to be my new hobby... May this never happen to you!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Christine Tonight

Christine Pechera will be featured in a segment on ABC's Nightline tonight, Thursday, June 22nd. Please tune in if you would like to put a face to the name. Also, please visit Christine's website: for more info. To say that I have been moved and inspired by Christine is an understatement. Keep on rockin', Christine. Keep on rockin'...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I receieved an e-mail message from Christine Pechera. My copy and paste function isn't working properly on this bloody machine right now, but if you hit and go to the forum section, you will see what she wrote a year ago after her first bout with cancer.

Her candor and courage are unbelievable. Please say a prayer for Christine if you are the praying kind.

ABC's Nightline has been working on a segment about her. Please watch out for it on your small screen.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Little Big Flirt

I got to see Alan Millman and his adorable kids again. Alan told me that the little guy was just friendly; i.e., maybe he wasn't really flirting with me. Later that afternoon, the boy told me that after I go away, he misses me. He then announced that he was going to give me a kiss. Alan heard this and told him that he should ask me first before he did that. Just as he was saying this, the little guy leaned over to me and kissed me just above my bare knee. (I was wearing my Daisy Dukes.) Alan then turned to me and said, "Okay. Now I'm worried..."

I'm beginning to understand the allure of younger men...

Saturday, June 17, 2006


I had the great pleasure of seeing old pal, Alan Millman and his lovely wife, Ling and their cute kids. The little guy asked to sit next to me. (I think he's about 3 years-old.) I told Alan that his kids were somehow even more cute this time than the last time I saw them. The little boy did not quite catch what I said. He asked his dad what my comment was. Alan told him that I said that he was cute. He said, "No, I'm not cute." He turned to me and said, "You're cute." And flashed a huge grin. Later, as I thought about how surprised I was by this, from a boy so small, I recalled that the last guy to give me the bold, simple compliment of "You're cute," was Chris Isaak...

Friday, June 16, 2006

Got Kids?

Check out Justin Roberts.

When I met him, he seemed like a nice man with guitar in hand. When he hit the stage, he looked like a big kid in a purple t-shirt! It was like a magic trick!

Justin and his band were way tight.

At the beginning of the set, a couple of kids came out of the audience to dance.

By the end of the set, the dance floor was filled with kids running and jumping around.

And so, this was how I discovered the secret that the Pied Piper is a real, live boy named, Justin Roberts.

Catch him on your television on the Noggin Network.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Congratulations, Greg!

I received a very nice message from Greg. I reckon dreams do come true! Rock on, G!

From the Greg himself...

Well, look at me resurfacing merely to brag about my news. But heck, if not me, who?

Thanks to y'all for your early support. It's really what set the whole Fib ball in motion.


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

NaRhee's Purity

I, Florence Yoo, am not in this movie, but one of my new songs is! When you hear, "Thank You, God" that's me!

From the Unsinkable NaRhee Ahn:


Good news, our NYC premiere is being sponsored by AZN Television! What
does that mean? Well, we get an official festival-sponsored
afterparty, where all festivalgoers will be admitted. Also, the movie
will be featured on their website. I'm told that both the festival and
the network have over 10,000 email subscribers.

I've been told there's no budget for the party (sad) but the festival
is working on other sponsors as we speak. We're especially looking for
food sponsorship. Any ideas?

PURITY New York Premiere

The NYC Asian American International Film Festival




Monday, June 12, 2006

I Feel The Earth Move...

Under me as I trundle along in the back seat of a golf cart. It's a sunny Sunday and the sky, as Richard Loranger might write, "was warm and blue." The chick driving asks me if I will be alright back there. "Yes, as long as there's no speeding involved,"I reply. The golf cart does a max of 20 mph, but over hill and dale, this ends up feeling like warp speed... I add, "This reminds me of when I am in a car with my dear friend/boss, John and his beautiful wife, Fati. She drives like an Italian race car driver, very fast and accurately." The woman driving quips, "When I was in Rome, I had a similar experience: The cabbie was driving extremely fast, but it turned out he really was a former Italian race car driver."

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Half Full

The question: Is the glass half full or half empty? I think it is best for me to think it is half full. Thoughts, anyone?

Life is far different than I ever imagined it would be, full of many more moves, locations and incredibly talented people...

All in all, I am grateful. I am just not sure what the next chapter is going to be and I find myself becoming anxious in the dark of night and in the wee hours of the morning.

I've kept a journal since I was eleven years-old. I think this kept me sane. This blog is some version of that, but without the dregs of what goes on in my mind. How could that be entertaining to anyone?

Monday, June 05, 2006

Professore Corradina Caporello

I had the distinct honor of recently meeting Juilliard professor, Dr. Corradina Caporello on an airplane. We discussed many things... Somehow I was reminded of a simple quote I once read. The gist of which was, "The mark of a successful man is a happy home life and a good career." Caporello immediately agreed with this and stated further that this was especially true in her own experience -- that her family has been there all along, helping by not only being there for her physically, but spiritually, emotionally and intellectually. It was so poignant...

My mom is one of the smartest people I have ever met and she has a unique perspective on life and on what it is truly important. I've been trying to bug my mom to write a book for years. It struck me that Prof. Caporello's world view, though different than my mom's, was something I'd also like to read in a book...
They're so portable and handy.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


I got a mass e-mail from Christine Pechera today. It was about living a good life, appreciating the time we have, the little things... It was so eloquent and poignant. Please help spread the word to any and all Filipino friends, co-workers, family and acquaintances that you
have that Christine needs your help now.

Earlier today I noticed that this woman had a badge on from a company I once applied to work for. I complained to her that I went through all of the testing/interviewing -- had passed, was told I had been hired, but then I was never called to work. She gave me her business card and told me to call her next week. I know complaining is bad, but it keeps workin' for me...

Friday, June 02, 2006

Stolen from the Blog of Moifee...

I got a mass e-mail message from Christine Pechera about this blog entry... I thought it was too good not to steal... check it...

Last week. A friend of mine invited me to a screening of his film, telling me that it’s gonna be $20 a ticket. He produces independent films that are much better than “Catstle”, but pay to see a screening!?! And I’ve already seen the fucking movie twice.What the fuck?No, seriously. That’s the name of the movie.“Fuck”“Fuck” is an hilarious documentary that starts with a fun, light-hearted history of the word “fuck” and then follows the on-going culture clash between America’s religious right and the more fuck-friendly left. It’s a very intelligent, well-balanced, and incredibly entertaining film. Some people compare it to “The Aristocrats” but that comparison sells the film very fuckin’ short. “Fuck” uses animation by Bill Plimpton and stars (among others) Hunter S. Thompson, Kevin Smith, Drew Carey, Sam Donaldson, Bill Hicks, Billy Connolly, Alan Keyes, George Carlin, Lenny Bruce, and Pat Boone who totally steals the fuckin’ show. Plus, it has one of the stars of “Asian Street Hookers 7”. But as much as I love this film, why the fuck would I pay $20 to see it for a third time?Because one of the interns who rose to co-producer, a young woman – hell, a kid – named Christine Pechera has non-hodgkin’s lymphoma. Cancer. Not the kind that gets zapped out with a laser. Not the kind that can be fought with “5K Fun Runs”. We’re talking serious fucking cancer. If she doesn’t get a bone marrow donor, she will die.You know what’s scarier than ghost/zombie/monster cats? Cancer.This screening was a fund-raiser and an attempt to raise awareness. I didn’t know Christine. Never even heard of her before, but I felt going to see this movie was the least I could do. Christine was there. She was graceful and charming and so very young. She was so positive in the face of a very grave future. She never showed any fear or sadness. She just thanked everyone for coming and lit up the room with her infectious smile. All the while, she was very aware that she might not be alive to see her movie be released this fall. Seeing her humbled me. It frightened me. Here is a beautiful person, a vibrant, joyous person, whose not just battling cancer – she’s losing to it. And I get grumpy when Starbucks screws up my grande non-fat, sugar-free, vanilla latte.People filled the lobby, getting tested for a bone marrow match or donating funds so that others could be tested. I am already registered in the National Marrow Donor Program but Christine is Filipino making the pool of potential bone marrow donors is very limited and specific. Making matters worse, testing in the Philippines is expensive – about $275 a person. It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack but not being able to afford a magnifying glass.So, look. Here’s the deal. I know you don’t know Christine. Neither do I. I didn’t even get introduced to her. But I’m going to ask you to do two things for her.1) I want you to get tested – just tested. You don’t have to even donate the marrow right now. You may never have to. Just get tested. The testing is painless. The donating does leave you sore for a few days – like a rigorous workout – but when you have the power to actually save a person’s life, what conceivable reason do you have for not helping? How do you look Christine in the eye and say “Yeah, I don’t wanna be sore so…. So long!” You can’t.Here, go to this site. Order the kit. If you’re a minority, it’s free. (I mean ethnic minority, not just somebody who thinks Leo Sayer totally rocks.)2) Then, I want you to open your wallet and pull out a credit card and use it to donate here so that other people can get tested.You have some money. Don’t be a douche. That new iPod seems kinda stupid now, doesn't it?Do it right now. I’ll wait.We’re talking about things you can actually do to save someone’s life. You’re not just buying a small sand bag to drop in rushing floodwaters in New Orleans or donating one bag of rice to feed a starving nation. If you match Christine you will save her life. It's as simple as that. You will keep her alive and beautiful and charming and wonderful and all that she is. You got something better to do?Fuck cancer. Save Christine.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


I went over to the Bowery Poetry Club last week to see Janice Erlbaum do that thing she does. And indeed, she does it so well! Erlbaum, aka Girlbomb just published, appropriately enough, Girlbomb: A Halfway Homeless Memoir. It' s an engaging read. Erlbaum is equally adept at writing and performing and always delivers an entertaining performance. She read a "found poem" from a bathroom wall. I have noticed that words in an odd order can be downright scary, and as Girlbomb demostrated by reading this treasure found in New Rochelle, words that are not quite grammatically correct can be very amusing... She also presented the work of a sexually uninhibited, twenty-three year-old Janice who seemed defiant and sure. Perhaps this calls for a sequel to her fine, first book...


Please check out Christine Pechera's website:

She will be on ABC's Nightline next month! Please spread the word that she is still in search of a perfect bone marrow match ASAP! The best candidate would be someone who is Filipino or part Filipino!

Julia and Carol and Wendy

Carol Little is an angel. Julia Cho is a saint. Wendy Ip rocks. Why/how I have been blessed with friends like this, I don't know. But I did want to say, "Thank you! And bless your big, kind hearts!"

Please buy Carol's fantastic book as soon as it hits your local bookstore. Go see all of Julia's plays! (Currently: Boston Court Theatre in CA, Ensemble Studio Theatre in NYC) And please check out Wendy's next shows in Europe and NYC!